June 7, 2023

Brockport is not just a college town, it is a small village filled with many interesting people and history. There are many residents in Brockport that have rich stories; Elizabeth Deleon-Fox , also known as Liz, is one of the many. 

Many people know her as the friendly BASC worker at Jitterbugs Cafe. She is also an alum of the College at Brockport where she studied sociology.

For many in the community she might just be someone who works at Jitterbugs but for those around her, she is much more. Loreen Stetzel, also a worker at BASC at The Square, said that Deleon- Fox is family oriented.

“She does a lot for her kids,” Stetzel said.

Stetzel said that after Deleon-Fox graduated from the College at Brockport, she went straight into taking care of her family.

Throughout many situations, Deleon- Fox has turned to poetry to help herself feel more at ease. She expresses herself through situations such as loss of her sister and losing her niece due to custody issues.

Deleon-Fox said that her best work are the ones with emotional aspects to them . She likes to express her grief and frustrations throughout her poetry.

She said that one of her strongest pieces is one involving her daughter. Deleon wrote a poem about the relationship between her daughter and her daughter’s biological father. She presented this at an event on campus last spring.

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