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  • Bad Boys and Good Pets

    Every day in the U.S., thousands of animals are abused, abandoned, and alone. Behind the numbers are desperate animals in desperate situations. Animal rights agencies around the world are overwhelmed, but remain hopeful for a solution. According to the ASPCA,… Read More ›

  • Textbooks: The Growing Trend of Online Shopping

    Students across the nation spend upwards of $655 on text books each year. With prices of textbooks on the rise, students have become more savvy at navigating the best deals. The choice; online or in-store shopping. Since technology has changed… Read More ›

  • A Change Agent

    Most people are sickened when they witness violent acts against humanity take place. More often than not, people stand by and choose not to combat these crimes against humanity.  Carvin Eison refuses to sit idly and allow these acts to… Read More ›

  • Life on the canal in Brockport

    By Ben Grimaudo Canalside Chronicles Staff The Erie Canal holds a special significance to the Brockport community. Brockport Village Mayor Margaret Blackman says that the canal is a reminder of the village’s history. “It certainly means heritage. We are being… Read More ›

  • Cross country runner going coast to coast for a cause

      By Ben Grimaudo Canalside Chronicles Staff Brockport senior cross-country runner Lauren Bates is taking “cross country running” to new heights. On June 14th, Bates is flying to San Francisco where she will begin the start of a cross country… Read More ›

  • Old Things, New Owner

    By Leah Seyoum Canalside Chronicles New is in, but the old never left. In a world racing for the best, newest things, some seek to find treasures of the past in little villages like Brockport. “I’m on Main Street a… Read More ›

  • Out of the Classroom and Into the Streets

    by Patrick Doyle Canalside Chronicles Staff Washington Square Park has always been the epicenter of public action for Rochester, New York.  In the late 1800s, Frederick Douglass enraptured crowds with his speeches demanding the abolition of slavery.  In 2011, protesters… Read More ›

  • Diversity adds a splash to Brockport

    By: Samoya Peters Canalside Chronicles Staff Diversity can be defined as a mixture and blending of cultures, and groups in a community. It is important in the small village of Brockport that everyone gets a taste of experiences and the… Read More ›

  • Knife in Right Hand, Fork in Left, Ready to Eat

    By: Lexxi Knoblock Canalside Chronicles Staff Have you ever been out to dinner at a fine restaurant, confused by all the different types of forks and spoons? Like hundreds of others, you’re not alone. In today’s generation, food etiquette has… Read More ›

  • Brockport’s Number One Stop for Vintage Video Games

    By: Carson Werner Canalside Chronicles Staff Gamers from all over the world understand that each and every video game has worth regardless of its age and quality. Little do most know that there is a store on Brockport’s Main Street… Read More ›