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    By Egypt Page “No justice, no peace!”. A phrase that would be heard throughout the campus of SUNY Brockport on the night of December 2nd, 2021. Just last Thursday, more than a hundred students and staff came together in protest of racial injustices that took place within the community of Brockport.   Reminiscent of the protest nearly… Read More ›

  • SUNY Brockport Alumni: Where are they now? 

    By: Egypt Page  Alexes Bernier, better known as “Lex for the Flex” to her costumers and her peers, has been taking risks and chasing her dreams.   Bernier is a SUNY Brockport Alumni, Class of 2019. Bernier is an aspiring female barber out of the Bronx. She… Read More ›

  • Brockport Alumni: Where are they now?

    By Egypt Page Justin Fernandez SUNY Brockport Alumni Justin Fernandez is inspiring and educating the next generation of students. The 2020 graduate is thriving in the education field and is now a special education teacher in the Bronx. But his journey from Brockport to the Bronx wasn’t easy. After having his back against the wall, Fernandez… Read More ›

  • SUNY Brockport: Climate Control

    By Egypt Page  It has been nearly two years since SUNY Brockport made headlines for its campus climate problem. The lack of diversity and representation for black and brown students on campus was a problem.   In February of 2020, SUNY Chancellor Kristina Johnson called the racial… Read More ›