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A second chance
May 7, 2024

Reclaiming Glory


By: Chandler Bland

With the start of a new football season just around the corner, the Golden Eagles are planning to get back to their championship ways and make a run at the playoffs.

To reach this level of success, the team will need to focus on key areas, starting with their overall team performance. This includes a strong emphasis on teamwork, communication, and execution on both offense and defense. In addition, the coaching staff will need to develop a game plan that maximizes the team’s strengths and minimizes their weaknesses.

Coach Jason Mangone has been at the helm of the Brockport Golden Eagles football team for over a decade, leading the program to multiple conference championships and a reputation as one of the top programs in the region. However, in recent years, the team has struggled to maintain that level of success and has fallen short of their championship aspirations. With a new season on the horizon, coach Mangone and the Golden Eagles are determined to get back to their championship ways and achieve their goals.

“I think, playing more consistent football, obviously, I think we’ve put the work in and think we have some good talent, but we’ve been insufficient in some areas and we know where they are. And I think our kids know where they are. And now it’s just obviously, along with enhancing what we’ve been good at, obviously getting better where we’ve been weak yet,” said Mangone.

Mangone believes that success is found in the team working together and that’s what will bring them back to the glory days they once had.

“I think it’s the ultimate team game. And it’s just funny how if one guy makes a mistake and somehow it comes back to bite you, And that’s what’s so special about our game. So I think just finding ways to improve on what we’ve been pretty weak at the last couple of years and obviously hopefully get back to those winning ways,” said Mangone.

During the off-season, coach Mangone has been working closely with his coaching staff to evaluate the team’s strengths and weaknesses from the previous season. He is using this information to develop individualized training plans for each player to address their areas of improvement. This includes strength and conditioning programs, as well as skill-specific drills to help players develop their technique, with game intelligence and finding new talent. 

The Golden Eagles coaching staff is pushing for new talent to become an even better team than they were when they won their last championship. Nate Bull who has been a fan, player, and Assistant coach/Quality control for the team is excited about the upcoming season and the new players that joined the team. 

“We are always developing young players mentally, physically and emotionally. Developing the players in the roster that we have and ultimately recruiting the best potential new players, and freshman transfers as possible with the best roster possible. So, in the off-season that takes place through a number of things, Bull said. “There are so many variables, so. Being at the championship level, there are a lot of good systems and cultural things that are on this team.  We are always developing young players, It’s a continuous process that never ends,” Bull said.

Recruitment is a critical aspect of getting the Golden Eagles back to their championship ways. Mangone and his staff have been actively seeking out talented high school players who fit the team’s culture and values. They invite players to campus to identify their potential, and then work to establish relationships with those players and their families to encourage them to join the Golden Eagles. Coach Matt Artia Assitant coach and Special Teams Coordinator / Cornerback is one of the that’s part of the recruitment program and always looking for new talent to rebuild their team.

“ I think it always starts, especially, this time right now, I think, you know, in the springtime with spring ball, nothing, really right now it’s all about development, developing kids who, have come in the last two years that are younger. You know, where last year we got a lot of young guys playing, which is good because they got a lot of experience,” Artia said.

Coach Artia believes putting in work off of the field is just as important as on the field and will make a difference in the performances of the players. 

“Definitely, guys are just developing right now, getting bigger and stronger and faster in the weight room tactically getting better and developing and, on the field doing spring ball. So I think that right now will be that will be basically the bigger difference for sure, in this upcoming season,” Artia said.

Overall, the off-season is a critical time for the Brockport Golden Eagles football team as they work to get back to their championship ways. With a focus on individual player development, team culture, strategic planning, and recruiting. Mangone is leading the team’s efforts to prepare for the upcoming season. By working together, staying focused, and maintaining a positive attitude, the Golden Eagles are poised to make a strong comeback and achieve their goals on the field.

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