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A second chance
May 7, 2024

Sweden is in the Money

By Kyle Boyd, Nick Agostinelli, Andrew Harrington and Isaac De Leon


When it comes to the town of Sweden there always seems to be a plan make its environment and surroundings better.

Community members in Sweden will soon be able to enjoy a new addition in their town thanks to an anonymous donor who is no stranger to helping out this community.

The generous $148,000 is planned on being used for renovations to the Sweden Town Park. One of these new renovations will be a Splash Pad.

Karen M. Sweeting, notary public of the town, is one of the people handling the money.

According to Sweeting, this donation for the Splash Pad is not even the biggest thing this donor has done for the town. He was the one responsible for turning a once empty building into what is now the town’s community center. The value was over $3 million.

The town hall board members have been working on getting grants for the town park for years. They want to give residents more options for things to do around town.

The town representatives believe social recreation is vital to the physical and mental health of all, regardless of age, gender, ethnicity or occupation.

In 2008, Sweden secured $3,000 to fund Nietopski Field, two multipurpose fields, an outdoor skating rink, and various other improvements. In total, they’ve gotten close to one million dollars.

In addition, the Town of Sweden has secured about $146,000 from the New York State Regional Economic Development Council (NYSREDC). They will use this money to fund a 2,600 square foot lodge, the Splash Pad which is a handicapped-accessible playground, as well as equipment and a sidewalk to the canal.

One of the ideas that was discussed is a new bank opening up in the area. “We have a proposal for a Canandaigua National Bank that’s coming in” said Karen M. Sweeting, who is the Town Hall Clerk. Asked where it would potentially be located Sweeting said “it would be in between Taco Bell and M&T Bank.”

But don’t hold your breath yet for a new bank, as Sweeting did make sure to point out that this idea is still in the beginning stages, “government takes a while” she said.

But within Town Hall, Planning Board Secretary Phyllis Brudz, believes a new bank is not necessary for Sweden.

“We don’t need another bank, it’s not needed” said Brudz.

If anybody wanted any questions about future plans, they could email Karen M. Sweeting at [email protected]. They could also go to the website at

Sweden is trying to give residents more reasons to appreciate the town. There is always room for improvement, and the town is not planning on giving up any time soon.

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