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A second chance
May 7, 2024

Hidden Truths

By Dan Mansfield and Kyle Izard

Canalside Chronicle Staff

Everyone has a story that follows them whether it is good or bad. Some people know how to tell their stories and express themselves through words while some are not able to find their voice. Those who can’t find their voice use art to tell their stories for them. For some students, those stories come in the forms of plaster feet, clay pottery or self portraits.

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(The student art exhibit)

The College at Brockport held their Annual Student Art Exhibition in the Tower of Fine Arts, where the students were able to express themselves and show their peers what they have been working on this past semester. The event features the work of numerous artists within the college, many of which have price tags in case an onlooker wants to buy the copy.

Some students just like to admire their fellow students’ work. Mark Gilbert, a student, was just there to look at student artwork during his free time.

“I’m just here to look at the pieces, mainly,” he said. “I heard there was an art show and I had an opening in my schedule so I thought of coming down and seeing it.”

Gilbert is just a regular non art student who enjoys the work from an audience perspective.

“I’ve always wished I was artistic, but I can’t do art to save me life, so it’s fun to see what other people can do,” he says. He hopes to understand it, and get a better idea of where the ideas come from. “I’m just trying to understand it. Like, how they name it and stuff. That’s the more interesting thing. I think it’s also kind of creative to name stuff.” He says he doesn’t have a favorite yet, and is still looking around.

Michael Buchman, another student at the College at Brockport, was walking around the art fair but for a different reason.

“I am here to support one of my friends, art means a lot to her so I show my support when I can. Her piece is actually right over here” Buchman said.

Although Buchman was mainly at the art fair to show support to a friend, he truly does enjoy art especially pieces based off of the Renaissance era.

“I really like Renaissance art, growing up I enjoyed looking at art of people. My favorite kind of Renaissance art are self-portraits, or just pictures of people in general” Buchman said.

The exhibit features a wide variety of pieces, including the piece “Forgotten Past” (pictured) by Leah Newman, which won an Alumni Award.


The art fair was successful as artists were happy to show what they have made this semester.

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