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A second chance
May 7, 2024

The Final Steps

The Final Steps

By Cameron Bennett

Canalside Chronicles Staff

The Commencement Fair at The College of Brockport has been taking place for over a decade. It is a busy, yet exciting time in a graduating student’s life. It’s a whole new chapter for some students and it can be stressful. The fair is here to give reassurance to students who may be overwhelmed. Juggling the final stretches of school work, applying for jobs or even making sure you ordered your cap and gown is stressful enough, and the commencement fair is here in case you missed anything on your final checklist.

The Commencement Fair  is extremely vital to Brockport’s future graduates and the campus life. Kerry Gotham has been huge in guiding the fair, and helping students along the way. Gotham is the director of alumni engagement and has been organizing the event for the past several years.

“I think this is a great event we put on for our upcoming graduating class. It gives them a chance to catch up on anything they missed while they figure out the next step in transitioning to post college life” said Gotham.

The Commencement Fair allows seniors to order their caps and gowns, school rings and make sure they have sent in a congratulations video to all the people th at contributed to their success while in college.

“It can be an exciting but nerve racking time. I remember getting a bad case of senioritis when I was in college and all I could focus on was what to do with all the free time” said Gotham.

Gotham graduated from Nazareth College in 2012, with an understanding of how the challenges ahead can make a student anxious.

Paul Wolanski’s excited about the upcoming challenges of post college life. Wolanski, is a senior at  Brockport and attended the Commencement Fair for a final understanding of what is ahead.

“I actually forgot to order my cap and gown. Glad I had a second chance at ordering it or I would have looked a bit weird walking across the stage,” said Wolanski.

Wolanski, a  Brooklyn native, said  he loves the atmosphere around Brockport, and will always feel like he has another place to escape too. Leaving New York City was a big change for Wolanski, but he is glad he stepped out of his comfort zone to experience everything Brockport had to offer. graduation 2

“Coming to this fair was almost like a final sendoff for me. Ordered my cap and gown and turned in my congratulations video, it all seems too real now” said Wolanksi.

Wolanski will return to Brooklyn, where he will pursue a sales job with a small company in Manhattan .

Another senior who attended the Commencement Fair is Shane Coyne. Coyne is a Physical Education major who will be going attending graduate school at Brockport.

“Although I will be attending graduate school, this fair was a nice little send off. It               set in for me that the end is near and I am excited for the next step” said Coyne.

Coyne ordered a school ring to remember his year’s   at The College at Brockport. He, much like  Wolanski, sent in a congratulations video. In the video, he thanked his family for giving him that drive to power through the tough times at school and to finish out strong.

graduation“I like that we could send in a video thanking people. I would have never known that had I not attended the fair” said Coyne.

Coyne was a transfer student from Finger Lakes Community College, but  has since found a second home at Brockport.

The Commencement Fair went on, and brought together future graduates who needed a bit of guidance. Numerous students like Wolanski and Coyne piled in to put their final touches on their collegiate  years. Some had smiles on their faces, while some looked scared. Brockport will always be a home for these students and this fair was an appreciation to all those who worked hard to get to achieve their goals of graduating.



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