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A second chance
May 7, 2024

The Perfect Christmas Tree


Families all over the world gather around Christmas trees during the holiday season. It’s an unwavering tradition that brings individuals together to reflect on their blessings and the past year. For David Killip, Christmas trees have been a fond memory since childhood.

Finding the tree was always a family affair. Hours were spent marching around in the snow just searching, until eventually his parents decided they found the one. Decorating was no different; his father would put on the lights, his mother the icicles, and with his sisters he’d build little ornaments out of pipe cleaners and blown lightbulbs to hang on the branches.

Killip has had a plethora of trees over the years. Once married and settled down, he was able to continue the family tradition of finding “the” tree.

Killip with his family around the Christmas tree – photo provided by Killip

When his children were little, the family would go stomp around tree farms looking for possible options, just as Killip did with his parents. Eventually the family ended up at Bauman’s Farm Market, and they’ve gone there ever since.

However, finding the Christmas tree soon turned into a multiple day affair. The first day was solely for looking and getting candy canes. Killip would either find one on that trip and set it aside for later, or he’d come back for a second peek around another day. All of this searching engrained the idea of finding “the perfect Christmas tree;” at least that’s what his children thought.

Even though his children are now older and the tree is usually bought in one trip, getting it inside the house is still a process all its own. It first has to be remeasured and cut accordingly. Once inside the house, the family begins the straightening process. This involves everyone; one or two people holding the tree in the stand, and the others running around from all angles trying to determine whether or not it is in fact, straight. Once secured, it’s slowly rotated and observed from every location in the room, to ensure the best sides are in sight.

Decorating follows- Killip puts on the lights, and the whole family helps with ornaments.

But, what exactly makes a tree the perfect Christmas tree?

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