By Alexis Bott

Gates, NY– Gates-Chili High School junior and soccer player, Brittanee Drexel wanted to go on spring break to Myrtle Beach, SC. The 17-year-old hope to escape the winter, looking for a warm-weather getaway. Without her parents’ permission, she traveled to Myrtle Beach with her friends and vanished after leaving her hotel room in 2009.anothercloseup (2)

Her sister Myrissa Drexel, who was 11 at the time, tells the story on what she remembers from when Brittanee went missing. Now with a daughter of her own, she speaks out about the grief she and her family went through after her sister’s disappearance.


Almost 10 years later, Brittanee has never been found and still is no exact explanation of what happened to her. To honor her daughter, Brittanees’s mother Dawn founded “Brittanee’s Little Angels”, which is a non-profit organization to help families when loved ones go missing or are believed to be human trafficking victims. While helping other families who are going through the same tragic loss, it can help her to cope with her daughter’s disappearance.

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