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Bunny business

When Kristin LaBar first saw two-year-old Tater Tot in a cage at the SPCA, she fell in love. She fell in love with his big feet, his button nose and his floppy ears.  “He was my bud, my best friend,… Read More ›

“Swifties” find timelessness in her music

By Gio Battaglia For as long as she can remember, Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT) sophomore Kayla Krurnowski has been a Taylor Swift fan; a “Swiftie” . Even though she couldn’t relate to her lyrics, she knew Taylor had something special.  “I became a fan when ‘Teardrops… Read More ›

The struggle of gender identity

Zach Eberts is courageous.  Her courage comes from a life of struggle; struggle with identity and acceptance. Zach, who was born male says she always knew she was different. “I always kind of knew that I was not identifying as a… Read More ›

The return of live music

By Gio Battaglia After months of silence in the loudest and most intimate local venues, live music is coming back. Record Archive in Rochester is one of the venues where locals can now hear live music. The Backroom Lounge of… Read More ›

Stans: A look into Fan Culture

Since the Beatlemania of the Swinging Sixties fan culture has dominated the lives of youths. For many years pop artists have been able to create large fan bases through their upbeat melodies and catchy lyrics. These fan bases, more commonly… Read More ›

Queens continue to strut their stuff

An area of everyday life heavily affected by the covid-19 pandemic is the arts and other environments dependent on social interaction. One such area that has put its normal operations on hold is the fabulously infamous New York City drag… Read More ›