Carvin in class
Carvin Eison Instructing his Mobile Journalism Class

Most people are sickened when they witness violent acts against humanity take place. More often than not, people stand by and choose not to combat these crimes against humanity.  Carvin Eison refuses to sit idly and allow these acts to continue.

Eison uses his talents as a film maker and educator to help make sure future generations do not repeat some of the atrocities that he has witnessed over the years.

By using film to bring to light some of the most graphic images of racial violence ever captured, Eison makes sure that people see that the horrific stories they have heard about are not just rumors. He says people need to see for themselves how bad things were and how bad things can be.

As an associate professor, Eison gives students the tools they need to go out into the world tell their stories through film. Seeing the students evolve in their chosen field makes him feel optimistic that the world is heading in the right direction.

Eison has embraced his role as a voice for the marginalized. He says that he takes on as many projects as possible to tell stories that would otherwise be untold.  More importantly, he uses these stories to unite people of all races, genders and religions. Esion says he believes that most people in the world are decent and that understanding and embracing different cultures is how humanity can overcome racial injustice.


By Matt Wilson


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