Looking Past Disability


The College at Brockport prides itself in being the first school to offer specialization on Adapted Physical Education across the country.  This specialization has attracted students from around the globe.

Ruben Arroyo is an international student from Puerto Rico who travelled to Brockport to pursue this degree. During his time here he has gotten the chance to work with many disabled people.

Arroyo working with a disabled adult.

He says he is passionate about working with disabled people because he is, “one of them.”

“I have a specific learning disability and people put the label on your heal that you are a brute or unintelligent. That’s not what it means. It means my brain works different,” says Arroyo.

Arroyo wants everyone to treat disabled people like you would anyone else.

“I want them to think, hey someone did this for me, to help me out, to find out my potential and I could be that person,” says Arroyo.

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