What’s It’s Like To Live With COVID-19


By Paul Estares

For some college students, catching COVID-19 doesn’t seem to be serious matter. Although students feel confident about recovering from an illness, this pandemic has brought an illness like no other.

Sarah Killip, a senior at SUNY Brockport was initially self assured about staying safe during the pandemic. As a student athlete, catching COVID-19 took a toll on her health, creating difficulties toward getting back to her norms.

Killip catching the virus during the Thanksgiving break was a double-edged sword. While she had the ability to rest, she also missed out on spending time with her family and catching up to her school work.

The unforeseeable impacts of the pandemic has reached many people’s lives. At this time of uncertainty, many individuals and families hope to take care of themselves so that things can return to normalcy soon.

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