By: Catherine Johnson

Scars come in many shapes and sizes. Some are surface level while others cut deeper.  All of them though tell a story.

As an athlete Madison Evarts wears the scars of the multiple sports she’s played.

Evarts, who is now a Junior Centerfielder for the Brockport Softball team carries the scars from surgery for an ACL tear she suffered in high school.

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Evarts was a high school graduate from Niagara Wheatfield in the Buffalo area. In high school Evarts was successful in playing both soccer and softball getting all star recognition in each sport.  During her junior year of high school, Evarts was playing in a soccer summer league. While playing defense the opposing team player stepped on her plant foot sending a shock through Evarts’s entire body.

“Immediately, I mean within seconds, I knew exactly what happened. I had never felt a pain so terrible in my life.”

Following the incident and the MRI results of the injury; torn ACL, Madison Evarts felt her athletic career was over.

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Following the incident and the MRI results of the injury; torn ACL, Madison Evarts felt her athletic career was over.

After the incident doctor’s confirmed worst fears that she had a torn ACL and felt her athletic career was over.

“I thought my life was over, I’m never going to play sports again, I’m going to let everyone down.”

Evarts mother Sue Evarts documented the entire recovery and process from when it happened to the day she was back on the field.

“I think she (Madison) felt very proud at the end of her recovery, and maybe even stronger than ever. She’s always been naturally gifted at sports, and I think she learned to appreciate her ability and not take it for granted.”

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After a long 9 months for Evarts, she was able to step back on the fields again for her senior year at Niagara-Wheatfield. Completing a successful soccer season receiving All-League and All-State recognition. Not only a successful soccer season for Evarts but also after stepping back on the softball field it clicked that she wanted to continue playing in college. With a new commitment to SUNY Brockport to continue her softball career Evarts received All-State and All-League recognition for her success in her senior softball season at Niagara-Wheatfield.

“During my recovery, I had my moments of anger, hatred, agitation, annoyance, love, laughs and so much more…and they were all worth it.”

Through this injury and recovery Evarts changed her mindset on life, growing as a person and athlete while the people around her, teammates, coaches, family witnessed this.

Today, Evarts scars on her knee tell the story for her.

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