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Stans: A look into Fan Culture

Since the Beatlemania of the Swinging Sixties fan culture has dominated the lives of youths. For many years pop artists have been able to create large fan bases through their upbeat melodies and catchy lyrics. These fan bases, more commonly… Read More ›

Queens continue to strut their stuff

An area of everyday life heavily affected by the covid-19 pandemic is the arts and other environments dependent on social interaction. One such area that has put its normal operations on hold is the fabulously infamous New York City drag… Read More ›

Artists persevere through the pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted nearly every facet of society in the past year. While in lockdown a subset of the American population has developed new methods to achieve success and self-fulfillment. Artists throughout the country are turning to online… Read More ›

The Revival of Records

Located in Sweden Corners, a small store named Vinyl Record Revivals sits sandwiched between a Subway and a repair shop. The store, as the name suggests, is one of few in the area selling vinyl records. What sets this store… Read More ›

Partying in a Pandemic: An Ethical Dilemma

BROCKPORT, N.Y.- The social lives of SUNY Brockport students are divided in half as the COVID-19 pandemic trudges on. COVID-19 continues to test the friendships of many as viewpoints towards attending large off-campus gatherings continue to differ. SUNY Brockport, via… Read More ›

More Than a Game

By Vianca Grullon With the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic, many people’s daily lives have been reshaped. With having to quarantine inside and looking for things to do, video games is one way people pass the time, connect with friends, and just… Read More ›