Arts and Life

A World of Difference

by Tyler West Most children look forward to watching their favorite television shows after school, going to sleepovers with their friends, and what they’re having for dinner. Things were a little different for a young girl growing up on the… Read More ›

Feeding her soul

(Photo Credits: Kaitlin Hill’s Instagram & Margaret Stewart) By Margaret Stewart Kaitlin Hill has been a dancer all her life. Like many young girls, her parents were the first ones to enroll her in her first dance class. “It was… Read More ›

A Man of the People

By Andrew Harrington, Kyle Boyd and Nick Agostinelli The City of Rochester is known for having many unique features. This includes the Genesee River that flows through the city, Highland Park with its lilacs and the George Eastman Museum dedicated to… Read More ›

Bad Boys and Good Pets

Every day in the U.S., thousands of animals are abused, abandoned, and alone. Behind the numbers are desperate animals in desperate situations. Animal rights agencies around the world are overwhelmed, but remain hopeful for a solution. According to the ASPCA,… Read More ›