Adapting During COVID-19

By: Ben Blakely BROCKPORT, N.Y. — Like many businesses across the country struggling to adapt in the midst of the Coronavirus pandemic, the unique shops in Brockport are searching for ways to survive. One of those businesses is the Lift… Read More ›

The faces behind your food

If you’ve ever been to Rochester’s public market you’ve seen the richness of the city’s culture. Only a short 30-minute drive from Brockport the market offers a variety of treats, produce and people. Established in 1827, the market was originally… Read More ›

The Strands Possible Shutdown

“Its closing will be like losing an important part of Brockport.”- Lisbet Barone. BROCKPORT, N.Y- The Strand is a local theater in which the people of Brockport have been coming to for generations. For more than 100 years, this theater in… Read More ›

A Man of the People

By Andrew Harrington, Kyle Boyd and Nick Agostinelli The City of Rochester is known for having many unique features. This includes the Genesee River that flows through the city, Highland Park with its lilacs and the George Eastman Museum dedicated to… Read More ›