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Breaking the silence

By MaryJo Nuzzo and Ellie Hettel Victims of sexual violence are often silenced. They are told to keep quiet, they’re afraid to report or don’t know who to turn to. According to the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), one in… Read More ›

Life on Ice

Julianne Dardis is a junior at SUNY Brockport. She is 20 years old. She is on a competitive synchronized skating team.  Synchronized skating is a division of figure skating, where there’s between eight to 20 people on a team, but… Read More ›

Breaking the silence

By: Emmi Rubera Communication is one of the most important things when it comes to being on a sports team. From hearing your teammate’s words of encouragement, to play calling to hearing the whistle blow, communication is a vital part… Read More ›

Now what?

by Jovani Figueroa Final exams are nearly complete, dorm rooms are almost empty, and caps are decorated for the final event in the four year journey to a college degree. 22-year Jason Haselkorn is ready. “My time at Brockport has… Read More ›

Surviving finals week

By Kate McCarthy Anxiety. Stress. Essays. Deadlines. Studying. These are all too familiar for college students during finals week and SUNY Brockport students in particular are preparing for the stressful end of yet another semester. According to a 2016 study,… Read More ›

Free speech prevails

Despite efforts to silence a controversial speaker at Brockport, more than five hundred people were able to listen to him. Jalil Muntaqim spoke to the Brockport community over a zoom call on April 6.  Leading up to the speech, there… Read More ›

Setting the balance

By: Emmi Rubera Like many other college students, Matthew Wiepert has a lot to balance. The difference is, however, not only does he have the responsibilities of being in college, but he is also a player and the captain of… Read More ›