Day in the Life

The Flower in Flower City

There is a community in New York that is growing in more ways than one. The plant community in Western New York is a large society of people whose education, hobbies, and careers revolve around botanicals, gardening, trees, weeds—basically if… Read More ›

Setting the balance

By: Emmi Rubera Like many other college students, Matthew Wiepert has a lot to balance. The difference is, however, not only does he have the responsibilities of being in college, but he is also a player and the captain of… Read More ›

Easy Ways to Stay Healthy on a Budget

by Ryan Jennings Although it’s a very rewarding and beneficial habit to pick up, staying healthy can sometimes be a difficult habit for college students. Between taking classes, possibly working a full-time minimum wage job and juggling the intricate responsibilities… Read More ›

Mental Health During the Pandemic

BROCKPORT-Mental health throughout the pandemic has been a major problem for many people. The struggle of not being able to interact with friends and relatives as much, communicating electronically and for many, the financial burden that COVID-19 has caused, has… Read More ›

Getting it Together

The COVID-19 pandemic has made navigating the many aspects of life difficult. Especially navigating one’s mental health. Paloma Santana-Viera was in the early stages of their mental health journey when the pandemic hit. Making it that much more difficult to… Read More ›