Day in the Life

School of Heavy Metal

By Andrew Rogers Canalside Chronicles Staff McDonell (left) and his band mate Michael Bracci (right) record in McDonell’s studio By day Ryan McDonell teaches art to disabled and at risk students. By night he plays guitar in his heavy metal… Read More ›

A Day in the Life of a Tattoo Artist

By : Cecil Frazier and Daisia Farley Canalside Chronicles Staff Pain, needles, infection and permanent ink that last on your skin forever. These are some of the negative thoughts that many people have when they hear the word tattoo. People… Read More ›

Young Judge “Runs the Show”

By Andrew Rogers and Leah Seyoum Canalside Chronicles Staff The town of Clarkson has a new town justice in Republican judge Ian Penders. At the age of 29, Penders is one of the youngest judges in New York state. Penders… Read More ›

Order in the court

By Ben Grimaudo and Antonio Goodsell Canalside Chronicles Staff Not many chemistry majors end up as judges for village courts. Not many people can balance that and the critical task of information systems at a major university. However, Judge Williams… Read More ›

The Life of Fannie Barrier Williams

By: Erika Curtis Canalside Chronicles Staff While most of the country was reeling over the political and moral turmoil brought on by the Civil War, Fannie Barrier Williams was living out a peaceful childhood alongside the majority white community of… Read More ›

Better Together

By: Jordan Seymour, Lexxi Knoblock, Kyle Bell Canalside Chronicles Staff On a windy February day Dr. Cephas Archie sits six stories above the tundra that is The College at Brockport, building a better infrastructure for students and faculty alike. He… Read More ›