Event stories

Stitch by stitch

By Cora Bennage Some of the most famous paintings are of women, yet art by women has been underrepresented for centuries. “The Mona Lisa,” “Girl with a Pearl Earring,” and “Penitent Magdalene” are celebrated pieces by men, but artists like… Read More ›

Free speech prevails

Despite efforts to silence a controversial speaker at Brockport, more than five hundred people were able to listen to him. Jalil Muntaqim spoke to the Brockport community over a zoom call on April 6.  Leading up to the speech, there… Read More ›

Danger below

The Erie Canal in a main tourist attraction in New York State. Tourists can hike, bike, and boat the canal all the while taking in its rich history. But beyond the history and recreational value of the canal, there are… Read More ›

Homeless Epidemic During Covid-19

The Covid-19 pandemic is an unprecedented time for everyone. This is clear even for the Center for Disease Control, as they continuously change policies and add new recommendations on how to protect yourself from the deadly virus.  The uncertainty that… Read More ›