From Captain to Cubicle

Life as a star athlete or captain of a successful sports team can make people feel like they could do anything.  Justin Pumputis graduated from Nazareth College in 2021. He helped lead the Golden Flyers to their first conference championship… Read More ›

Hitting the Links

By Dylan Rippe When people think of golf many think of a boring sport played by old white men. That is quickly changing.  According to the National Golf Foundation, women account for 25% of golfers and people of color account… Read More ›

Seeing the invisible

By Eliza Gonzalez Every Sunday people in Brockport can expect to see three things: church goers, people at bars watching football games, and migrant workers on bikes.   People rarely sees migrant workers at places like Java Junction, Lift Bridge Book… Read More ›

Travel Nightmares

Anyone who has flown in the past two years knows how difficult it can be. From long lines to flight delays and cancelations, flying is becoming more and more difficult.  Julianne Dardis is a figure skater and completed at the… Read More ›

Lifting Your Mind

By Dylan Rippe College students are struggling. According to Mayo Clinic Health, up to 44% of college students have reported symptoms of depression and anxiety. Recent research has shown consistent exercise can combat these symptoms and provide relief.  St. John… Read More ›