Healthcare superheroes

By: Tyler Sadler Nurses are real-life superheroes. They are compassionate caregivers, they work long hours, and they get very little credit. But in the last few years, these real-life superheroes have been disappearing. According to USNews, Since 2019 there has… Read More ›

Closing the gap

By Lainey Porter The United States wastes 108 billion pounds of food each year. According to Feeding America, this equates to 130 billion meals wasted. In a nation with this degree of food waste it could be assumed the food insecurity levels… Read More ›

Seeing the invisible

By Eliza Gonzalez Every Sunday people in Brockport can expect to see three things: church goers, people at bars watching football games, and migrant workers on bikes.   People rarely sees migrant workers at places like Java Junction, Lift Bridge Book… Read More ›