Preparing for the COVID-19 Vaccine

According to the CDC, over 290 million doses of the coronavirus vaccine have been distributed all over the country. Many people within the United States have taken advantage of their opportunities to get vaccinated, while others have felt nervous. The… Read More ›

Getting it Together

The COVID-19 pandemic has made navigating the many aspects of life difficult. Especially navigating one’s mental health. Paloma Santana-Viera was in the early stages of their mental health journey when the pandemic hit. Making it that much more difficult to… Read More ›

Working Out During a Pandemic

By: Ben Blakely BROCKPORT, N.Y.— During a global pandemic with many quarantined at home, working out has not been on the top of student’s priority list. Even with fitness centers following mandated requirements from New York State and Governor Andrew… Read More ›