Hitting the Links

By Dylan Rippe When people think of golf many think of a boring sport played by old white men. That is quickly changing.  According to the National Golf Foundation, women account for 25% of golfers and people of color account… Read More ›

Lifting Your Mind

By Dylan Rippe College students are struggling. According to Mayo Clinic Health, up to 44% of college students have reported symptoms of depression and anxiety. Recent research has shown consistent exercise can combat these symptoms and provide relief.  St. John… Read More ›

Fountain of Youth

By Dylan Rippe Brockport Boys Varsity Soccer coach Jeffery Phillips is in the process of rebuilding a team decimated by the loss of 15 seniors. “I have been coaching for 20 years, five as a head coach and this is… Read More ›

The rapid rise of lacrosse

The sport of lacrosse is constantly gaining popularity. More schools, from high schools to colleges, are beginning to offer lacrosse programs. According to Lacrosse All Stars, the state with the most lacrosse programs is New York. According to World Lacrosse,… Read More ›

Breaking the silence

By: Emmi Rubera Communication is one of the most important things when it comes to being on a sports team. From hearing your teammate’s words of encouragement, to play calling to hearing the whistle blow, communication is a vital part… Read More ›

The Science of Pitching

The pitcher stands 60 feet, six inches away from the catcher. He gets his sign and delivers the pitch. The game seems simple from an outside view. Get the sign, pitch, and catch. But there’s much more to it. In… Read More ›

Setting the balance

By: Emmi Rubera Like many other college students, Matthew Wiepert has a lot to balance. The difference is, however, not only does he have the responsibilities of being in college, but he is also a player and the captain of… Read More ›