SUNY Brockport

Danger below

The Erie Canal in a main tourist attraction in New York State. Tourists can hike, bike, and boat the canal all the while taking in its rich history. But beyond the history and recreational value of the canal, there are… Read More ›

Shots Fired On King Street

By: Alanna Dovidio SUNY Brockport students say they are left feeling unsafe after shots were fired on King Street early Sunday morning. Officers were dispatched to King Street at 2 a.m. on Sunday after two gunshots were fired. According to… Read More ›

Easy Ways to Stay Healthy on a Budget

by Ryan Jennings Although it’s a very rewarding and beneficial habit to pick up, staying healthy can sometimes be a difficult habit for college students. Between taking classes, possibly working a full-time minimum wage job and juggling the intricate responsibilities… Read More ›

Finals Week Stress

By Lauren Higgins For many college students across the nation, finals week is a time filled with stress, anxiety and tension. But with proper routine and tactics, preparing for finals week can feel a little less intimidating.  Over the last… Read More ›

Fall Semester Sickness

By: Lauren Higgins Sniffling, sneezing and coughing are familiar sounds in many SUNY Brockport classrooms. As the weather changes, the number of students dealing with colds and respiratory issues is on the rise.  According to the Center for Disease Control… Read More ›