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A second chance
May 7, 2024

    Bridging the Headaches of small town life

    In the village of Brockport, traffic is always a topic of discussion. Whether its heavy, moderate, or slow, its always talked about. Evan locals who love living in the Brockport area mention that their biggest complaint about the area is traffic.

    When visiting the Lift Ridge Book Shop, located on Main Street, shop owner Sarah Boazic says that the worst time of the day for traffic is in the morning.

    She said it’s due to the fact that school buses are all around the area in the morning, picking up kids and taking them to school. She went on to explain that he school buses were constantly stopping to pick up kids is what causes traffic to slow down.

    Surprisingly afternoon traffic is not that bad as it usually is in the city of Rochester. Reason being is that Brockport is a village, and not as big as the city of Rochester.

    The topic was turned to bridges, first built in 1915, and how that has an effect on customers and traffic. Sarah said that main street lift bridge in Brockport does indeed have an effect on customer traffic.

    Brockport Village Board member, Annie Crane, also says that the main street bridge can affect traffic. She also says one of the bridges in Brockport had to be shut down, and due to the fact that it was shut down, Adams Basin farmers market closed.


    When speaking to the Mayor of Brockport, Margret Blackman, said that most of the bridges around the area are going to be redone. Blackman mentioned that she spoke to the Fairport mayor Julie Domaratz, who told her that the Fairport bridge is going to get redone in the near future, along with the Park Ave bridge.

    Mayor Blackman said that it will be a busy few years when it comes to bridges getting redone. She said that the Spencerport bridge will get redone, along with the Brockport main street bridge, which will soon be under construction. Blackman also said that the Canal Core and Department of Transportation will be working on and leading this big project.

    Blackman mentioned that these changes need to be made to the cement retaining wall, as it is “definitely a mess.” other changes also include reducing the weight limit “we have lowered the Park Ave bridge weight limit from 16 to 14 tons” said Blackman, and they want the Park Ave bridges to be functioning properly.

    Other changes that will be made to the east side of the bridge will be adding three crosswalks, along with a stop light that will trigger oncoming traffic. Reason for the crosswalks being added is to prevent collisions.

    So while Brockport is a nice village to live in, there are complaints about the traffic and bridges. Changes will be made in the near future, by 2021, and steps are being taken to improve the lives in Brockport.

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    • J

      Josephine MatelaMar 15, 2019 at 5:51 pm

      I love traffic! More cars mean more people! Most of us lived through the street closure and it was not pretty. Stores closings are expected as we were told by the state back then. Fairport is setting aside funds to help the merchants. What about Brockport?