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A second chance
May 7, 2024

Head Football Coach Jason Mangone and the Brockport Eagles

By: Adam Simmons

Canalside Chronicles Staff

Head Football Coach Jason Mangone has elevated this Brockport football program to a Jason Mangonenational spotlight and has made them a team to watch for next season. For The College at Brockport, 2017 was more than a stand out year for the Football program.  The Golden Eagles made it to the NCAA semifinals with a record of 13-1, the best record Brockport football has made in history.  This historic season was led by head coach Jason Mangone.  Not only was the Brockport coaching staff named Empire 8’s Staff of the Year, but also Coach Mangone walked away with the Division III East Regions Coach of the year award.

Prior to becoming apart of the coaching staff at Brockport, Mangone attended college at Brockport for his junior and senior years where he played football as well.  He then became apart of the coaching staff in 1999, became offensive coordinator in 2004, then later moved onto the head coaching position in 2013.

“The prior head coach Rocco Salomone gave me a lot of responsibilities as an assistant which helped groom me to be the coach I am today.  He had me calling offensive plays at age 26 which was a huge job being at such a young age.  I was just eager for any opportunity,”  Jason Mangone explained with gratitude.

After reflecting on Coach Mangone’s past with the Brockport program, we touched on his legendary 2017 season.  His team went 13 wins with only one loss, made their NCAA final four debut and Mangone got the Division III Coach of the Year award.

“It was amazing, said Mangone. “Many would say that they ‘never saw this coming,’ which is only partially true.  We play every game like its our only game, one game at a time.  The thing is we’ve put so many hours and so much work into this.  We knew we had the ability talent wise and the staff had the same common goals.  One win turned into two wins, three turned into four and so on.  We showed that we belong,” Coach Mangone explained.

With so many hours and so much work put in not only on the field but in the film room and offices, we wanted to know what Coach Mangone does in his free time outside of the football world.

“Immediately after the season we began the recruiting stages traveling and finding new talent on the field.  Our only real down time takes place in June and July.  The other staff and I love to golf.  I also teach an advanced weight training class as an adjunct which I have a blast doing because it gets me out of the mode of work.  Also spending time with my family considering that during football season I have extremely limited time with them.”

Mangone has done more than remarkable things with this Brockport Football program. Inching toward the 2018 football season, Mangone explained how keeping his players grounded and focused. Mangone said instead of fantasizing about playoffs and final four expectations, their job is to go out and win game one.

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