June 7, 2023

A Brewer’s Story – Crafting Over The Last Two Decades


Canalside Chronicles Staff

By Lexie Cutmore

Making home brewed beer isn’t as simple as buying a kit with pre-measured ingredients. There’s a lot that goes into it. Home brewing requires practice, patience and perseverance. Rich Andel has mastered all three and knows the inner workings of making professional, brewery quality beer. smp rich










By day Andel is a Software Engineer, by night he is an award-winning homebrewer of over 20 years. His interest in brewing took off after he graduated from college and found himself with extra time on his hands. Through the help of his friends in Binghamton, local breweries and the club Brewers In The Endicott Region or B.I.E.R. Andel has learned valuable information about what it takes to make a good craft beer.

Thanks to Rich Andel for providing some of the photos in the slideshow.

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