June 7, 2023

By: Christopher Suarez

People take interest in various hobbies. From sports to fashion, people find that one thing that they can obsess over. For the workers of Great Lakes Classic Cars, there is nothing they rather do than work with and admire the art of cars.

Opened in 2015, the shop houses over 30 vintage and exclusive cars that cannot be found anywhere else.

Photo Credit: Ricky Wolf

17-year-old Ben Hahm, was taken back by the beauty of these magnificent cars. He felt working in Great Lakes Classic Cars was something he was meant to do. A high school senior, taking classes at Monroe Community College, Hahm made it a priority to work for the shop.

Riding past the shop one day, Hahm was taken back by the sight of a Lamborghini. He proceeded to go in and introduce himself. Fascinated by the shop, he spent the following years visiting the shop.

When he got old enough he asked for a job and at first was denied. Hahm was not ready to take no for an answer and told the owner that he will sweep and clean if he had to, and that is exactly what he did.

Photo Credit: Ricky Wolf

Whether it’s polishing cars or just sweeping floors, Hahm loves what he does. Being around vintage cars brings him a sense of happiness like no other.


Photo Credit: Ricky Wolf

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