By Matt Kensek

Canalside Chronicles Staff

From an early age, many children develop an interest in cars. Such a fascination with these four wheeled vehicles brings them joy as they watch them drive by on the street, later imitating that action by rolling a matchbox car across the carpet with a profound vroom. While many grow out of that fascination, others are able to keep it throughout their life.

Ben Hahm is one of those kids – he has always loved all types of cars, and now as a high school senior has found a job that allows him to embrace that love.

The roar of an engine starting up and the buzz of a polisher fill the air as Hahm sweeps the floor inside the Great Lakes Classic Cars shop. Owner Engels Gualdani manages the operations of the Hilton, NY car shop, which sells, repairs and details classic, vintage and collector cars. The shop contains a variety of cars both on the floor and stacked up on lifts to accommodate the sheer number of vehicles waiting to be worked on or sold.

While Hahm is an employee of the car shop, he does not do much maintenance work. Instead he performs various duties like cleaning out the cars’ interior, polishing the cars, and sweeping the floor of the shop.

Hahm loves the opportunity to be around cars, and it is something that he loves to do. What more could anyone ask for?

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