Social Justice Through The Lens

By: Paul Elliott

     Social justice became the emphasis of Carvin Eison picking up a video camera and starting to make his own films. It was tragic shooting in 1975 that inspired Eison as he sought for answers to all the tragedy going on and the tragedy of the past. Some of the tough issues Eison has made films on include lynching, and the riots of 1964.

     Since college, Eison has been making films, which has led him to many ventures including being the President of RCTV and WXIR, to being a professor at The College at Brockport for over 20 years, to all the humanitarian work he has done. As a filmmaker, Eison has accomplished so much including a New York State Emmy nomination, winning the Houston World Fest International Film and Video Festival “Remi” Gold and Silver Awards, and the Columbus International Film and Video Festival “Chris” Award.

     When teaching students about film Eison tries to teach them how to work without a budget, Eison has spent a lot of his career putting together something from nothing. Eison says he is a perfectionist so it takes him a while to complete a project exactly how he wants it. His projects can start for any number of reasons, all he needs to find is that inspiration and he is hooked.

    Eison has no plans on slowing down and continues to produce projects today. For Eison, the emphasizes remains the same as he continues to find events that may be tough for people to handle but the stories must be told. Eison brings light to these events and allows those who have suffered to never go forgotten.

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