By Bridgette Babb

Chet Fery, the self proclaimed “Bread man,” has been a staple in the Brockport community and surrounding areas for over a decade. His work as a teacher in Gates Chili has allowed him to be a welcomed example for children on the topic of kindness. With over 90,000 loaves of bread given away for free and 130 talks a year, Fery is busy spreading his message of kindheartedness to anyone who will listen.

His work as a life coach has given him the opportunity to create a special connection with children and young people, believing if adults just showed them what it right and what is wrong, they can lives filled with kindness.

Fery believes children who believe in themselves and can be positive from a young age will him them achieve more in life.

One of his main goals is to make sure no matter what age you are, you understand the importance of having kindness in your heart. Though he has retired from teaching, he still educates students from all walks of life on the act of kindness and love.

To this day he gives multiple talks at schools, colleges and group homes. Fery says his interactions with these young adults are some of the fondest memories he has had as the bread man. With three grown children of his own, he hopes to have made an impact in the lives of the young adults he encounters.

With 90,000 loaves under his belt, the 67 year old does not plan on stopping anytime soon.

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