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  • Hitting the Links

    By Dylan Rippe When people think of golf many think of a boring sport played by old white men. That is quickly changing.  According to the National Golf Foundation, women account for 25% of golfers and people of color account… Read More ›

  • Lifting Your Mind

    By Dylan Rippe College students are struggling. According to Mayo Clinic Health, up to 44% of college students have reported symptoms of depression and anxiety. Recent research has shown consistent exercise can combat these symptoms and provide relief.  St. John… Read More ›

  • Fountain of Youth

    By Dylan Rippe Brockport Boys Varsity Soccer coach Jeffery Phillips is in the process of rebuilding a team decimated by the loss of 15 seniors. “I have been coaching for 20 years, five as a head coach and this is… Read More ›