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  • Surviving finals week

    By Kate McCarthy Anxiety. Stress. Essays. Deadlines. Studying. These are all too familiar for college students during finals week and SUNY Brockport students in particular are preparing for the stressful end of yet another semester. According to a 2016 study,… Read More ›

  • DNA sample may unmask Rochester Alphabet Killer

    From the time Alexis Ortiz was old enough to understand, she knew about the family rumor surrounding her grandfather – and she thinks it holds water. Ortiz, a 21-year-old Rochester resident, believes her grandfather may have been the Rochester Alphabet Killer…. Read More ›

  • Reeling in a new era

    By Kate McCarthy Brockport, N.Y. – The Strand Theater, like countless other local businesses, has had a rough time navigating the pandemic. For a business that requires in-person attendance, like the Strand, it has had an especially hard time staying… Read More ›