Teachers reflect on a tumultuous school year

Social institutions have been impacted in innumerable ways since the initial spike of coronavirus last spring. Leaving many people discombobulated and forcing them to adapt their personal, social, and professional lives accordingly. A profession that has been affected heavily by… Read More ›

More Than a Game

By Vianca Grullon With the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic, many people’s daily lives have been reshaped. With having to quarantine inside and looking for things to do, video games is one way people pass the time, connect with friends, and just… Read More ›

Starting a movement

“I am most often the only person in a meeting who looks like me… and after a while that becomes taxing,” Archie said. “Unfortunately, as an African American male, I will never have the privilege that I can choose to say ‘I’m not gonna be an advocate today.’” 

About Us

Canalside Chronicles is a community news web site covering Brockport, Clarkson and Sweden, N.Y. Reporters, editors and photographers come from the journalism classes at The College at Brockport. We plan to add writers who are village residents soon. We hope… Read More ›