School of Heavy Metal

By Andrew Rogers Canalside Chronicles Staff McDonell (left) and his band mate Michael Bracci (right) record in McDonell’s studio By day Ryan McDonell teaches art to disabled and at risk students. By night he plays guitar in his heavy metal… Read More ›

The Final Steps

By Cameron Bennett Canalside Chronicles Staff The Commencement Fair at The College of Brockport has been taking place for over a decade. It is a busy, yet exciting time in a graduating student’s life. It’s a whole new chapter for… Read More ›

Bringing a Legacy to Life

By: Erika Curtis Canalside Chronicles Staff Activist, Abolitionist, Author. Underdog hero of the 19th century Frederick Douglass is remembered for his undying desire to give U.S. slaves the same chances and opportunities he had and he spent his life helping… Read More ›