Hidden Truths

By Dan Mansfield and Kyle Izard Canalside Chronicle Staff Everyone has a story that follows them whether it is good or bad. Some people know how to tell their stories and express themselves through words while some are not able… Read More ›

Vice Principal Heart of School

By Shelby Toth and Samoya Peters Canalside Chronicles Staff Passing through the halls of Brockport High School, one could find assistant Vice Principal Michelle Guerrieri wandering through, stopping at every door to tape individual motivational sayings up before moving to… Read More ›

Better Together

By: Jordan Seymour, Lexxi Knoblock, Kyle Bell Canalside Chronicles Staff On a windy February day Dr. Cephas Archie sits six stories above the tundra that is The College at Brockport, building a better infrastructure for students and faculty alike. He… Read More ›