Arts and Life

A Change Agent

Most people are sickened when they witness violent acts against humanity take place. More often than not, people stand by and choose not to combat these crimes against humanity.  Carvin Eison refuses to sit idly and allow these acts to… Read More ›

Let’s Get This Bread

Written by Hannah Danielski From 4-year olds to 104-year olds, Chet Fery has been able to spread a message of kindness through bread. For the past 18 years ,“The Breadman” has been spreading kindness to the people he has met through bread. He believes bread contains something… Read More ›

Pursuit of Music

Written by: Zach Wagner Dedication, commitment, and leadership; those are the traits associated with music extraordinaire, Grant Gariff. Over the last fourteen years, Gariff has been all over the country trying to follow his dream, when the keys to success… Read More ›